We seek to create a safe low glare night time environment in Houston, TX by encouraging the use of soft shielded lighting citywide for street lights, businesses and home lighting.
Glare is the enemy of the night.

A street transforms

​This street shows that shifting from bright white high glare lighting to hidden warm white LED lighting makes the less well lit areas easier to see.  

​The white light on the left is sharp, but the darker areas are inky black.  The poet Z. M. Wise aptly coined the term "bright darkness."  Notice how much better you see on the right when the light source is hidden on the same light poles.


    Glare hides what you are trying to see, creating "bright darkness."

          Half the light and no glare!

Downlighting for windows and doors

This home lights entry points while preserving the beauty of the night.  Even lower lighting levels are possible when the light source is hidden.
Hollywood has long used light to create a mood.  
​Does harsh light make you feel safe?

Detroit's and Houston's lighting
The cold white LED light Houston and some other early adopters have installed is falling out of favor.  Who wants to live under ghoulish high glare light?

​Photo:  Laura McDermott for the New York Times
The Addams Family
The Munsters
Stranger Things
The "upside-down," an alternate dimension with deadly consequences.

What happens when an entire city lights right?
Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ is a pleasure at night because the entire city is committed to low glare warm lighting.  Better visibility for far less energy use, too!
LEFT:  Phoenix will install warm white LED lighting city wide.  The color is 2700K (Kelvin), the same familiar color as an incandescent light bulb.

​ABOVE:  Tucson's 3000K roadway lighting

​RIGHT:  Hemet, CA warm white residential LED dimmed to 17 watts

The way of the future:
Warm LED lighting

Phoenix, Tucson, and Riverside County, CA